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And in the process of bringing this story to life, we understood the importance and fundamental role that LOVE plays. The love that involves working with passion, the love that only brings out the best in you and once you understand it, you just feel a desire to share it with others.

We have tasked ourselves with obtaining the best and healthiest ingredients so that everyone can treat themselves without regrets, so that they can enjoy a delicious dessert but at the same time so healthy that they can even eat more than one portion!

All our recipes are made from our hearts

A part of us goes into each of the #healthycakes we prepare and we are very happy to see how we have been able to please so many people, and mostly how we created beyond a cake factory, a smile factory!

We will never stop thanking you for all the love and support we receive daily! This beautiful story is just beginning!

Welcome home always!


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Join us on a wellness adventure with Code Wise's nourishing baked delights.