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Our Story


This project was born many years ago when I (Gaby) did not even have in mind how impact it could have. Still, living in Venezuela, I started creating and baking healthy recipes just for myself, but it wasn't until 2016 that I decided to turn my passion into something more.

From that moment, I organized myself and put my whole heart into creating what Code Wise is today and making ourselves known as much as we could. Víctor helped me in his free time and as a result of that and a lot of perseverance and work we managed to create the perfect team and the beautiful company that we are and have today!

Code Wise is more than a dessert shop, Code Wise is our whole life! And we are happy and grateful to each one of the people who are part of this beautiful family that is growing more every day, with all their support, to get here.

CodeWise is our home and yours! It is a magical place loaded with much JOY AND HAPPINESS.

Victor & Gaby


It took us four and a half years and countless stories to open our first store in Miami. We are an amazing team, couple, partners and friends. But beyond anything else, we are two people madly in love with what we do and with a clear purpose and objective: to care and add well-being, health, and love to society.

We have set out to create the best and healthiest desserts in the world, made with high-quality ingredients, and the main objective of satisfying all our consumers, so they can indulge in a delicious and guilt-free treat. Our desserts, without a doubt, are quite an experience from start to finish.


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Join us on a wellness adventure with Code Wise's nourishing baked delights.