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Alegraté Infuser



Our alegrate infuser is a magical accessory, the easiest way to brew your favorite tea.

It is made of a durable hard clear plastic material, so you can measure the desired amount of water and see your tea perfectly on the making. 

Quick, comfortable and easy to use at home.

Available only in Store

Things You need to Know

All our delicious cakes are free of additives and preservatives, and their duration at room temperature is limited. The cakes can be kept in perfect condition outside the fridge for up to 7 days. Keep the cakes in a cool place where they do not receive sudden changes in temperature.

If you want to keep them longer, you could place them in your fridge or freezer. We recommend you put the cake in your fridge if you consider that you will consume the cake in approximately 15 days. For more than 15 days, we recommend you cut the cake into portions and take them to the freezer where they will remain in perfect condition for an indefinite time.